Turning Chicken Manure into Energy has sealed Millions from Investors

Founded by farmer-turned-entrepreneur Jack O’Connor, agri-tech firm BHSL makes a technology that turns poultry manure into a source of fuel and heating for farms.

O’Connor – who heads up BHSL’s R&D unit – said the firm has already “gone on that journey” to create a combined heat and power product that uses other farm by-products to make energy and will launch it over the next three months.

He said the UK market is “quite vibrant”, where six farms have adopted BHSL technology and six more will come on stream by the end of March. The firm has done “quite a bit of work” in Poland and Holland too, where it hopes to expand.

BHSL is also focused on “putting foot soldiers on the ground” and making sure it has representatives in key markets like the US and the Middle East.


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