bhsl Toploader Press Release

1st December 2011

bhsl, a specialist company in materials handling, has unveiled a patented Toploader for storing and moving biomass or other agricultural and waste products.

Compared with moving floors and walking floors, the Toploader is extremely energy efficient. It is driven by two low energy kW motors, which operate via a programmable logic controller (PLC) using bhsl proprietary software. With energy savings of up to 60% and simplified maintenance due to moving parts being located overhead, the Toploader offers cost savings of up to 40% compared with conventional materials handling systems.

The Toploader can be a stand-alone unit or operated as multiple in-line units. It is equally suited to new installations or retro-fitting in existing buildings. Options include installation of CCTV, remote monitoring, intervention by the company’s technicians when needed, and customer access to the bhsl Toploader information/data screen. The lightweight system comes in 2m, 4m and 6m versions. The 4m and 6m Toploader can store materials to a maximum height of 4m. It is priced competitively with moving or walking floors but is more reliable because there is no wear and tear due to dust or moisture ingress. The Toploader is installed by bhsl technicians and carries a 12-month warranty.

The bhsl Toploader is mounted on a dual-rail track above the storage bunker. Its carriage sits on the rails and travels backwards and forwards. Mounted on the carriage and spanning the storage bunker is a blade that moves up and down. As the carriage moves forward, the blade comes down and into contact with the material in the bunker. The Toploader then collects material from the leading edge, traverses across the top of the pile and delivers the load onto a conveyor. In this way the Toploader clears the storage bunker as it goes, making refilling easy. An overhead cable management system ensures that wiring is secured and free from hazards.

The Toploader material storage bunker walls can be concrete or wood and the smooth walls prevent any material remaining in the storage bunker. Front loaders or trucks can be used to fill the bunker.

Moving floors and walking floors both typically have to expend energy to move all the material in the storage bunker to deliver a small amount to the conveyor. The Toploader overcomes the problem by removing material from the leading edge and depositing a controlled amount into the collector or conveyor, so there is no requirement to move all the material in the bunker.

bhsl contact for more information: Jeff Poulter, Tel: +353 (0) 86 0440956, Email: