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How the Toploader Works.

The patented bhsl Toploader is a material handling system designed to reduce energy costs and maintenance issues that are generally associated with traditional fuel feeding systems . It is an innovative and economical system of storing and dispensing large volumes of biomass, agricultural and waste products.

The Toploader is extremely energy efficient, and is driven by two low kw motors and is capable of delivering large volumes of bio fuels or waste. The Toploader is suspended above the fuel bunker and only the bucket comes into contact with the material stored within it. This ensures that any maintenance on this overhead arrangement  can be carried out easily and without having to remove material from the bunker.

How it works

The Toploader is mounted on a dual rail track system above the storage bunker. This can be retrofitted to an existing building or designed into a dedicated structure. The storage bunker can be filled by numerous methods, for example, lorries with moving floors, tipper trucks or a loading shovel.

The carriage of the Toploader sits on the rails and travels back and forth above the material being processed. Mounted on the carriage is a bucket which spans the storage bunker; this bucket moves up and down.

The Toploader carriage moves into position at the front of the fuel pile and the bucket is  lowered until it comes into contact with the material. At this point the bucket begins to scrape up material, rises and traverses across the fuel pile. The material is then deposited onto a conveyor at the end of the bunker and is dispensed as required.

Each stroke of the Toploader takes fuel from the front pile and therefore clears the way for additional fuel deliveries. This continuous action allows for the bunker to be refilled prior to being completely emptied. The Toploader also has a back fill program that utilises the time the when the equipment is in “stand by” mode. This option allows the Toploader to take the deposited fuel from the front of the pile and raises it to an additional storage height thus creating additional storage space for refilling of the bunker.

The Toploader is controlled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and software is designed to suit the client’s application.

Advantages of the Toploader

  • Ability to drive fuel delivery vehicles into the storage bunker
  • Stage Bunker optimization through Toploader fuel stacking capability
  • Low energy, high volume bulk handling
  • Automated – fill and walk away
  • No requirement for underground storage bunker
  • All parts and cabling are overhead – easily accessible for maintenance
  • No corrosion like in a moving floor as minimum contact with the material
  • Variable sizes to suit requirement

Advantages of the Stand Alone Toploader

  • Retractable roof (manual or motorised)
  • Easy drive in access for tipper truck
  • No underground civil works
  • Modular steel frame structure
  • Low capital cost per cubic metre of storage space
  • Delivered flat pack to site
  • Easily demountable
  • Choice of Conveyor
  • Maximum storage capacity: 90m3

Optional Features

  • Installation of CCTV
  • Remote monitoring by bhsl technicians
  • Remote interventions by bhsl technicians
  • Customer access to bhsl Toploader operation screen
  • Operation and maintenance contract
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