Press Release – Poultry litter now qualifies as Biomass Fuel under new EU Regulation

Poultry Manure is the latest Biomass Fuel following a unanimous agreement by the EU This means that Poultry Manure as an Animal By-Product can be combusted as fuel on farms according to EU Regulation.

bhsl can satisfy these new EU wide regulations using a dedicated Fluidised Bed Combustion technology (FBC) and in the UK is accredited for support under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). bhsl have supplied turnkey systems to two large chicken broiler farms in the UK, which have been in operation for over 3 years with high levels of performance and using bank finance.

Nigel & Patrick Joice of Uphouse Farm in Norfolk are very excited about the results on their farms over the past three years, “the abundant low cost fuel allows us the flexibility to manage heat and air quality to great effect, warmer & drier conditions have enhanced bird welfare which has been reflected in much better Food Conversion Ratios (FCRs) and much lower levels of Hock Burn & Pododermititis”.  The reduced ammonia production from not using LPG also makes the external environment better and compliance with Environmental Permits simpler, having a lower Carbon footprint.

Uphouse Farm grows 5.8 million broilers per annum and uses about half of the chicken litter as fuel in an enclosed and automated system improving bio-security and reducing handling, field storage and spreading costs also.  The concentrated nutrient rich ash also gives flexibility for use when the crops need it most.

According to Uphouse Farm the all-in-one on-site energy generation plant is providing an attractive payback equivalent to conventional biomass without the sustainability issues of using virgin biomass.  The self sufficiency of fuel security and price certainty in the fuel for maximum bird welfare conditions is an unparalleled opportunity for the poultry growing sector.

Despite the higher initial capital investment compared to virgin woody biomass, Uphouse Farm have optimized ventilation and are reinvesting in additional sustainability measures and expansion plans.

Uphouse Farm state that the additional benefits are immediately tangible, “our customers are very pleased about the quality of the chickens, the wider sustainability improvements and our reduced carbon footprint since we’ve been using our own renewable fuel instead of LPG or virgin biomass.  Bird welfare has always been at the core of our business and this solution delivers the best possible results for the birds, our customers and our business.”

bhsl’s market offering is unique, proven and unrivalled to create a truly market leading British meat product with the best corporate social responsibility (CSR) opportunity to any high street brand.