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BHSL’s bio-feedstock energy systems enable chicken producers to safely, securely and consistently produce fuel alongside food. In doing so they help deliver three strategic policy priorities for governments and regulators worldwide:

  • Use of new sources of renewable energy and carbon reduction
  • Improvement in bird welfare, animal health and biosecurity
  • Enhancement of the environment by finding alternative uses for animal by-products

BHSL have worked closely with EU and national experts to develop new rules governing the use of poultry manure as a fuel set out in EU Regulation 592/2014 on use of animal by-products and derived products as fuel in Combustion Plants. This new regulation came into force across the EU in July 2014.

To be approved under this regulation an on farm Combustion Plant using its own poultry manure must:

  • Be constructed as a bio-secure, ‘stand alone’ energy centre
  • Separated from poultry production sheds where fuel is produced
  • Transfer fuel via automatic equipment from storage to furnace
  • Operate consistently at 850°C for 2 seconds
  • Be automatically controlled / monitored for performance
  • Have undergone an independent emissions tests programme

The following are the specified stack emission limits a Combustion Plant must meet to be approved:

Sulphur dioxide 50
Nitrogen oxides (as NO2): 200
Particulate matter 10
BHSL don’t just sell boilers, we provide a long term operating contract which meets all plant operation, maintenance, regulatory inspection & compliance needs.

EU Regulation Process

BHSL provide expert support through all stages of the approval process, and will operate the Energy Centre in accordance with ongoing regulatory requirements.

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