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BHSL delivers a comprehensive solution for the Operation and Maintenance of it’s FBC systems. Our Operation, Management and Maintenance programme ensures that the grower concentrates on the poultry whilst BHSL delivers consistent and reliable energy including total energy centre management.


Managed  24/7 Remote Operation

Our energy centres are securely connected to our operations centre. Our remote operations team track minute by minute data and manage remote interventions for optimum system performance.


  Regular Plant Servicing

BHSL delivers Planned and Reactive maintenance to ensure the FBC systems operate efficiently and reliably. Our FBC units are designed specifically for poultry manure and our maintenance routines are tailored to ensure maximum operating effectiveness. Local technicians are trained and well placed for reactive calls if required.


  Life Cycle Replacement

Like any mechanical system operating at high temperatures, certain components will wear out during the lifetime of the machine. BHSL has modelled the lifecycle pattern of all components of its system and ensures continued performance through timely replacements as a service.

We have89362hours of experience operating our units, so we can predict parts replacement and have established a program of minor and major servicing activities.
We provide a long term servicing contract and fixed costs of operation so future maintenance can be planned into cash flows from the start of the project. We may also be able to provide non-recourse financing. Please contact us to discuss financing options.
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