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Customer Portal.

Regulation Stamp

Regulatory Support

The portal is used to record fuel deliveries and visits to the energy centre.
All emissions tests and continuous monitoring reports are made available to the customer (and the competent authority who oversees the regulation of the Energy Centre).
Energy centres must be continuously maintained so they operate efficiently. Maintenance activities are tracked through the portal.

Performance Management

BHSL’s predictive energy demand model is used to design the site.
BHSL capture operating information from both the energy centre and the poultry houses. Performance of the energy centre is then compared to the base model.
A real time ventilation calculator can be used to assess farm heat use and flock reports provide performance metrics that can help farmers make the best use of their Energy Centre.

Regulatory Support

BHSL design, build and operate energy centres for our clients. The regulatory requirements vary from country to country, but bhsl design and implement processes that meet the local regulatory needs as part of operating a site.

From time to time this will require the grower to provide information to bhsl such as recording the delivery of manure into the storage area of the Energy Centre. The bhsl customer portal is provided to deliver paperless process control and recording.

Examples of processes that must be recorded and reported include:

  • Fuel Deliveries
  • Biosecurity Practices
  • Continuous Monitoring Reports
  • Heat and Electricity Metering
  • Independent Emission Testing
  • Site Visits

BHSLhave the Regulatory know-how to deliver both the initial and ongoing demands of the policy makers.

For more information on Regulation click here.

Performance Management

The BHSL system of manure to energy and its ability to optimise conditions for poultry growing are the foundations for a performance management portal that is designed to aid grower decision making and improve their bottom line.

Performance management starts before BHSL get to site.  A baseline energy demand model is built using information on poultry production, farm structures and historical heating fuel use. This is used to estimate heat demand and manure availability and to size the correct storage area / fuel handling system to the correct sized plant design.

After commissioning, operational reports provide information on the activities within the energy centre such as manure deliveries, heat and electricity output, use of backup heating systems and service availability. These are used to compare actual operation to the baseline model.

A ventilation calculator can be used in real time to measure how effective heat application on the farm is. The calculator uses actual climate and temperature data to determine the optimum ventilation rates and test these against what the site is actually doing. A grower can use this tool to help configure and review the effectiveness of their ventilation controls.

Flock reports allow the grower to assess if they are optimising heat use over time, and make gradual adjustments to ventilation control strategies to optimise the house environment.

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