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Fluidised Bed Combustion.

Fluidised Bed Combustion is used to reliably process variable moisture-content fuels such as Poultry Manure.
A bed of sand is heated up using diesel burners as part of the plant start up process.
Once operating temperatures are reached, the manure is added and the diesel burner is no longer used.
Air for combustion is injected into the bed of sand, creating constantly moving, abrasive conditions for combustion that quickly breaks up the fuel and achieves steady operating conditions.

So why use a bed of sand rather than a grate system? The thermal transfer rates within the bed of sand are very high. When a batch of higher moisture manure is added into the furnace, the bed can quickly cope with this change, without forming slag or clinkers.

The temperatures we operate at also inhibit the creation of NOx gasses, making it possible to meet tight environmental standards without scrubbing or other abatement technologies. Lastly, as there are no moving parts within the furnace, routine maintenance is simplified.

Since 2008 the patented bhsl system has now89362operating hours.

The system is guaranteed to work with poultry manure and meet the emissions limits set within the EU.

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