bhsl News Bulletin – New Regulations Offer Income Boost to Poultry Farmers

NFU, EA, Defra & AHVLA Visit Uphouse Farm
Nigel and Patrick Joice with the first formal conditional approval in the UK.
NFU poultry board chairman Duncan Priestner remarked:

“This represents a massive, positive development for the poultry industry, an industry which embraces new technology and is keen to make use of on-farm by-products, both to the benefit of business and the environment, by relying less on traditional energy sources.

There are also a number of other benefits, including healthier birds, minimised biosecurity risks and opportunities to use nutrient-rich ash on farmland.“

New Regulations Offer Income Boost to Poultry Farmers

From the 15th of July new regulations came into force that permit the use of poultry manure as a fuel on farms across Europe.

This is great news for the British Poultry Industry as it offers poultry growers improved economics for growing chicken and the event has been covered by the Farmers Weekly, World Poultry and NFU websites.

bhsl’s Fluidised Bed Combustion technology is the only approved system under the new regulation 592/2014 covered by EU 1069/2009 legislation which sets out feedstock and emissions compliance. LoCall 0844 544 7727 for further information.

Farmers Weekly

“A great success story of Britain and Ireland working together in Brussels,” is how Declan O’Connor, chief executive of biomass company BHSL, has described the legalisation allowing poultry litter burning on farms.

Meeting Defra farming minister George Eustice on the day the new regulations came into force (15 July), he said the time had come for farmers to stop thinking of chicken manure as waste and start thinking of it as fuel. The arguments in its favour were “economically compelling”, he told the minister, as well as sustainable.

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George Eustice learns about poultry litter burning

World Poultry

The first UK approval for use of unprocessed poultry manure as a fuel in combustion will take effect at Uphouse Farm, Norfolk as the implementation rules 142/2011 came into law under EU regulation 1069/2009 from July 15th 2014.

BHSL, an entrepreneurial Agri-Tech company who collaborated with Uphouse Farm and a number of institutions including DEFRA, the environment agency, AHVLA, has the only approved system permitted for use under the new rules. The bhsl FBC system was used to test and verify the implementing rules for the complete manure combustion process – this included manure handling, storage, combustion, emissions management and ash management. The process is patented across 28 EU Member states.

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UK approves unprocessed poultry manure as a fuel


Defra Minister, George Eustice has today met with NFU member and poultry farmer Nigel Joice, the NFU and BHSL to discuss the recent EU lobbying success on the combustion of poultry litter on farms.

The meeting coincides with the date (15th July) in which all poultry farmers across the EU will be allowed to combust poultry litter on-farm to create energy.

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NFU discusses poultry litter win with minister

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New poultry litter rules a ‘massive boost’


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