bhsl in the news – Poultry Farmers Investing in Biomass

With the installation of biomass boilers, two of the largest poultry farmers in the UK are leading the drive towards burning poultry litter to produce sustainable green energy.

Stephen Hay decided to install a biomass boiler at one of his units near Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, with a view to burning chicken litter, and he approached bhsl (Biomass Heating Solutions Ltd) to implement the installation to enable him to produce his own heat and electricity.

“Feed, chick and energy costs are our three biggest costs on farm – we can’t do much about the first two, but we can control the energy input,” he said.

The unit produces 300kWh of thermal, and 40kW of electricity, with the 500kWh boiler producing enough hot water to eliminate the need for gas, which means Mr Hay’s gas bills have dropped from £65,000 a year to nil, and his £43,000 electricity bill has halved. Mr Hay has plans to roll the system out across his entire business.

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