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bhsl is the promoter of SUPPER, an ECO Innovation  project, which commenced in July 2011 and finished in April 2014. SUPPER  demonstrated an on-farm, robust, low-cost solution for the recycling of poultry manure into energy, leaving a residual ash high in Phosphorus that is used as a valuable fertiliser.

The purpose of the project was to mainstream the SUPPER process to poultry farms throughout Europe and worldwide. To do this, it had to overcome a number of obstacles, the primary being European regulations, which were interpreted to treat poultry manure as a waste rather than as an animal by-product. The effect of this made it uneconomical to recycle the manure. The project also addressed financial, market and other barriers.

From a technical perspective, the project installed a volume demonstrator at a poultry farm in the UK, which underwent extensive testing. SUPPER was also evaluated for the recycling of other biomass residues, such as spent mushroom compost.

SUPPER was supported under the ECO Innovation programme of the European Union. Eco Innovation provides support for innovative environmental initiatives in order to overcome the barriers to market acceptance. It is principally targeted at SMEs which have previously piloted environmental innovations.

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