FBC Technology

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Fluidised Bed Combustion (FBC) is a technology that has been used in power plants since the 1980’s. Fluidised beds suspend solid fuels on upward-blowing jets of air during the combustion process. The result is a turbulent mixing of gas and solids. The tumbling action, much like a bubbling fluid, provides more effective chemical reactions and heat transfer.

As well as coping with variations in the biomass fuel, FBC has lower emissions and less clinker formation than traditional grate boilers which would struggle to reliably combust difficult fuels such as wet wood chips or poultry litter. There are also no moving parts within the combustion chamber, simplifying ongoing maintenance.

The multi fuel biomass Boiler FBC 500 has greater than 87% thermal efficiency while running at 75% maximum continuous rating with wet wood chips (49% moisture content). FBC500 is certified by Carbon Trust and qualifies for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA).

bhsl has successfully miniaturised the power plant design to produce up to 1MWth heat in a unit which is small enough to site where the biomass fuel is created – ideal for agricultural and by product applications with high heat demands.

These on site units are suitable for a range of biomass including wet wood chips, poultry litter, spent mushroom compost and other manures and sludge. See applications section for more information.

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