Woodchips are a medium-sized solid material made by cutting, or chipping, larger pieces of wood. As well as wood sources specifically for biomass burning, wood chips can be a by product from construction, agriculture, landscaping, logging, and sawmills.

For biomass burning woodships are typically dried to meet specific criteria, such as 30% Moisture Content or processed into pellets. These more standardised products are easier to process in a boiler but are more expensive, and less energy efficient because more energy is required for manufacturing, processing, and transportation.

The bhsl FBC technology is suitable for a wide range of wood chips, including chipped virgin wood which is typically 55% Moisture (wet wood chips). This type of wood may be available to bhsl customers at little or no cost after handling expenses.

For example, The FBC 500 has greater than 86% thermal efficiency while running at 75% maximum continuous rating with wet wood chips.

If you have a wood by-product or access to wet wood chips as part of a heat intensive industrial process please contact bhsl for a quotation.

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